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Nescafé 3ü1arada Extra


We invited the famous gamers Thaldrin, Theokoles, Stratera, Duygu Köseoğlu and the social media’s favorite persona Berkcan Güven to join us for a match at Extra Gaming House with Nescafe Extra Gamer Kits websent them.

These streamers who publish their unboxing videos on YouTube accepted our invite and got together in the Extra Gaming House on the night of December 30.

Their match-up against a team who challenged them on social media gathered a lot of attention and was trending all night.

During the event night we made it into TT list with #sabahlarolmasın(nostoptillmorning) hashtag. Through more than 8 million hits  and over 1 million interactions overall, we reached a total of 402.000 individual viewers.

Nescafé 3ü1arada Extra Yayını
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